Laptop Screen Replacement

Is your laptop display not working or Laptop Screen got broken? We can fix that. Mobiloop provides laptop screen replacement services for all computer models.

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  • Laptop Screen replacement in Kenya

    If your Laptop LCD /LED screen is broken or if your laptop monitor gets dim automatically or develops lines on the screen our expert technicians at Mobiloop have experience in repairing all kinds of laptop and Mac Book screen issues for all brands.

    We will replace your damaged or broken laptop display with original spare parts within 1 hour. Get your laptop repaired with 90days warranty. We stock original Laptop LCD Screen at our Nairobi and Mombasa laptop repair center.

    Pay for the Laptop screen| display Part price and get it installed for Free.

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    Protect Your Laptop Screen

    These tips guarantee low maintenance costs and ensure your device looks good too.

    1. Laptop screen Protector.
    Protect your laptop screen with a screen guard or thin protector to avoid scratches, water, and any other physical damage. You can also put on an Anti-glare sheet which will help to protect your screen even in sun exposure.

    2. Hold and lift the computer by its base. – Not its LCD display
    Do not hold your laptop by its LCD display (the screen). If you lift it by the screen alone, you could damage the display or the hinges attaching the display to the base. The display is also easily scratched or damaged by direct pressure – avoid placing pressure on it.

    3. Avoid heat from sunlight.

    4. Do not place heavy items on the LCD, do not sit on your laptop either.

    5. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting
    • For dust: Use Microfiber cloth
    • For dirt and grime: Use a Damp sponge
    • For oils and sticky stuff: Use Cleaning solutions

    Please Note:
    i. Whether you use a cleaning solution or water, never spray directly onto the screen, but onto a clean, soft, lint-free cloth, then gently wipe the screen
    ii. Absolutely do not use a paper towel or tissue. They might seem soft when blowing your nose, but they are rough when it comes to scratch-prone displays.
    iii. To properly clean your laptop screen Completely shut down your device and unplug the power cord along with any other connected devices

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